The First Step
Meet & Greet: Complimentary 
Let’s meet up and talk! I want to know about you and why you want to hire a designer. This meet is for us to get to know each other and decide if we are the right fit for each other. Time frame of about 15-30 mins. *Also can be a discovery call.

Consultations: $125/hr 
Consultations are meant for the us to go deeper and learn what you like, your must haves, and what the functionality of the space will be. It is used to determine a baseline for the design and for me to really learn about you. So tell me everything and anything so I can get to know you! 
• Includes visit to house or space that client wants to remodel 
• Discuss design choices, color options, materials and overall changes that can be made

Design Packages

Full Design Package
The Design Package is for when you want to move forward with the ideas we discussed in the consultation. In this package I will fully develop the design you are wanting so that you may completely visualize your ideas come to life! 

Furnishings, Finishes, and Equipment Package
For the clients that are building a home, but want a designer to spec all the finishes and materials. I will find more unique and fun tiles and materials the builder may not be able to get to make your home more special. It helps save you money while also getting better products.
 *Typically for semi- and custom homes. 

Market/Retail Package
This package is for the client that wants to go shopping! Who doesn’t love shopping? If you're looking for new furniture, accessories, etc, and what to purchase everything right then, but don’t know what to get, this package is for you. 
E-Design Package
Are you a DIYer, but want some guidance on design choices? Do you have a hard time making decisions, but love projects? This package will give you a boost in the right direction. I will give you ideas on where to go and what to look for, for your mini home projects and updates. 
• Includes presentation board with design ideas
•  Will have links associated to items chosen
Designer for the Day
Designer for the Day is for the people who just need simple questions answered, their ideas solidified or elevated, but don't need full service help. If you have the ability to put awesome things together, but maybe have too many ideas and just need help narrowing it down, I can help answer those yes or no questions.
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